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On Thursday, March 15, Susanna will be on Louisville Visual Art's show, "Artebella on the Radio", to discuss the Mary Alice Hadley Prize for Visual Arts, and its impact on the development and establishment of Calliope. Susanna was the inaugural recipient of the Hadley Prize back in June 2013, and used the $5,000.00 grant to travel to printmaking studios across the US, meet with directors and studio members, and learn how to buy and build equipment for a professional printmaking resource. The following goals for Calliope served as guidelines for our visits and use of the Hadley Prize funding:

- Provide an art community for emerging and professional printmakers

- Welcome first-time printmakers of all ages through workshops

- Provide resources and internships to current and recent college students

- Introduce prints as a gateway to collecting contemporary artwork

- Advance understanding of printmaking's history and significance in contemporary art

- Be present and invest in our neighborhood, Smoketown, as a Live/Work space

- Build and support a network of printmakers in Louisville and Southern Indiana

Since then, Rudy and Susanna have been able to provide advice and support to other artists starting studios across the country. Here are some photos of all the places that Rudy and Susanna visited!

Josephine Press, Santa Monica, CA

Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL

Conrad Machine Company, Whitehall, MI

Leg Up Studio, Minneapolis, MN

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, IL

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