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Assembling a Litho Press

When we picked up our Fuchs & Lang litho press from Minneapolis, we had to take it apart to fit it in our doors (!), repaint it, and give it a good greasing. After a good bit of searching, we were able to replace more than a dozen old washers (within the press yoke) with new ones of phenolic board. Then, two dear friends came over to help us put the press together. We were glad to have MANY photos of the press when it was assembled in its first home, and were able to use those as guides in putting it back together. We also engraved small letters next to points where pieces came together, so that we were able to put it all back exactly as it was.

Rustoleum oil-based enamel paint has worked well so far, with white lithium grease on moving elements. Interesting to see the roller (that drives press bed movement back and forth) had stripes worn into it from the weight of the press bed - this won't affect press operation, but is a great testament to just how many prints this machine has pulled in its decades-long history.

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