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Studio Membership

Calliope Arts provides a shared printmaking workspace, in which emerging and professional artists create and show their work in a supportive workshop environment. Calliope Arts studio members work on an independent basis, and therefore must be at least 18 years of age or older. For artists interested in a consultation or assistance on a particular project without committing to a membership, please contact us for rates and details. 


Interested in checking out our studio or talking about a particular project you have in mind?

Call or contact us ahead of time to make sure that we're available to give you the tour! 


All members work independently during open studio hours, Monday through Sunday 9am – midnight. These hours are subject to change with plenty of notice.


Memberships are designed for individuals who can demonstrate an appropriate level of experience in one or more printmaking techniques. We require that all members have the ability to use the facilities correctly, independently, safely, and with consideration for other members of the Calliope community. All members must show proficiency in the processes they intend to carry out. Those with no previous printmaking experience will need to enroll in class at Calliope prior to purchasing a membership. So, if you’re not quite comfortable working independently in the shop yet, or you want to learn a new process, take one of our workshops and become a printing pro!



All members receive a locker and flat file drawer for storage, exhibition opportunities, and a 15% discount on most Calliope Arts classes. We provide miscellaneous studio supplies, including black ink for all processes, ferric chloride for etching copper plates, gum arabic, magnesium carbonate, cheese cloth, tarlatan, plate oils and ink modifiers, whiting, screen emulsion remover, etching grounds, plate polishing solutions, palm sander, files, and rasps. Paper, copper plates, aluminum litho plates, and more may be available for purchase – contact us for pricing and details. Etchers, please note that we are a less-toxic and copper-only shop, using ferric chloride as an etchant. Lithographers, our graining sink is in the garden just outside the print studio, so it's available three seasons of the year. 


Become a Member

All studio members must submit a written application with a deposit, have an interview, show work samples, and attend a studio orientation before working in the studio. Please allow sufficient time for this process before you plan to start. Two levels of membership are available for artists to work in the studio: Working and Non-Working. For a discounted monthly rate, Working Members volunteer as studio monitors, performing scheduled cleaning and restocking tasks on a weekly basis, in the form of 1 hour of studio work per week. They must exhibit a well-rounded knowledge of printmaking. 


Member Rates

Please note: We require an additional $50 refundable security deposit to start all contracts. Multi-month commitments must be paid in full at the beginning of their term. Six-month members have the option to defer one month.  Prices are subject to change.


One Month (Non-working) - $100 per month

Three Month (Non-working) - $90 per month

Three Month (Working) - $75 per month

Six Month (Non-Working) - $80 per month

Six Month (Working) - $65 per month



  • Currently enrolled university level students: $15 monthly discount

  • Recent college graduates: $15 monthly discount for first year after graduation

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